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How to track your Tax Refund


1. Open your smartphone's camera app


2. Point it at the QR code on the Tax Free tag


3. Open the URL link that appears on your smartphone's web browser

One of the following refund statuses will then be shown


Waiting for approval

Your Tax Free transaction is pending approval.

The tax invoice submitted by the merchant is being reviewed and will be approved if the stipulated guidelines are met. Please contact the merchant who issued your tax free transaction for more information. You will not be able to claim a refund for this transaction before Planet's approval.


Validate your Goods & Goods Inspection Required

Your tax free transaction has been issued by the store, but you have not yet validated it at one of the exit points when leaving the UAE.*

Be prepared to present your original tax invoice(s) and tax free purchases to our staff at Planet's validation points located BEFORE check-in counters. You can validate your goods either by:

- Using a Planet self-service kiosk

- Visiting a Planet validation point

Goods must be inspected by our team at the validation point before you leave the UAE, otherwise a refund cannot be processed**


*Validation must be done within 90 days from the purchase (tax invoice) date.

**If you are exiting the UAE, you must validate the goods before your departure as long as the goods are with you in the original packaging, and you validate them within 90 days of the purchase (tax invoice) date.


Ready to Refund

You completed the validation process and are all set to choose your refund method at a Planet validation point or by initiating a card refund request through Planet's Shopper Portal.


Refund On Hold

If you have not validated all your tax free transactions, your VAT refund request will be on hold until all the transactions from your current trip are validated by Planet, and you exit the UAE after completing the validation process. Once you have validated all your purchases, you will be able to ask for a refund. If you have already initiated a refund request and have exited the UAE, please contact Planet's Customer Happiness Center for assistance.


Refund in Progress

Your refund is being processed and will be sent to your debit or credit card provider within nine (9) days after you exit the UAE. The refund could take up to three weeks to arrive on your card statement, depending on the card provider you are using.


Refund Failed

We are not able to pay your refund due to missing payment details. Please contact Planet's Customer Happiness Centre for assistance.



Unfortunately, you didn't meet the requirements for Tax Free shopping in this country.

Below are some tips to help you during your next trip:

- Have the goods, tax free transaction ID and original tax invoice (with your name as per your travel document ID, if applicable), ready to show upon request

- Confirm your profile is complete with correct information

- Leave the country within 6 hours after validation

If your transaction has crossed its validity period of 90 days from the purchase (tax invoice) date, you can no longer claim a VAT refund.



Your refund has been processed. Please access Planet's Shopper Portal for more information.



You chose to permanently cancel this refund and will not be able to ask for a VAT refund.

Examples of your Tax Free transactions

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